Scholarship Opportunities

Arthur White Sports Bursary

The Arthur White Bursary Fund was initiated in 1973 in response to the financial needs of many of the athletes that represent our community in events outside the region, including provincial, national and international competitions.

Applications are open to any individual or team who meets Cambridge resident requirements.  Athletes are eligible for up to 2 bursaries per the calendar year and may submit the applications at any time.  The Trustees meet 4 times annually in April, June, September, and December.

All applications must be complete and have relevant receipts attached.

The application can also be accessed on the City’s website at


South-West Regional SA is excited to announce the introduction of the SWRSA Scholarship Award to be presented to two active SWRSA members annually.

The two awards each consist of a $1,000 scholarship and will be awarded to the individuals that have best met the included criteria and provided the greatest contribution to the District and their Club’s programs.


Ontario Soccer bursaries will be available to provide partial assistance to a limited number of players.