Donate to the OPDL

Understanding there are tremendous costs associated with the set-up and implementation of the OPDL program, donations to the program will be accepted online using the link above.
Examples of OPDL associated costs could include:
  • Field Repairs and Maintenance
  • Equipment Storage Purchases
  • Training Equipment Purchases 
  • Field Signage
  • Promotional Banners and other Game Day Signage
  • Transportation 
  • Team Showcase Tournament Entry

Sponsor the OPDL

Corporate Sponsorship of our Cambridge United OPDL teams is an excellent opportunity to help promote your company’s brand at the highest level of youth soccer in Ontario.

In the 10.5 month program, our OPDL teams will be training a minimum 3 times per week from January through April and will add in weekly league games from May through October.  Away games will be played in Windsor, London, Waterloo, Hamilton and various locations within the GTA.

With OPDL player fees totalling $3,600 per player for 2018, corporate partnerships are key in helping to reduce the financial burden on players and their families.

Companies interested in partnering with our OPDL teams can fill out the online form or get in touch with either Kaela Ponte ( or Derek Bridgman (

All sponsorship agreements for the OPDL teams will be handled internally by the CYS Office.