2019 U13 OPDL Program Structure

Even though CYS have only reached the halfway mark of the 2018 OPDL season, preparations are well underway for the 2019 season.

Below is a synopsis of the important dates and procedures for the 2019 season:

2019 Playing Offers:

Players attending September trials may be offered Commitment Letter for the 2019 season at any time. Upon signing this offer, the player is committed to the Cambridge United OPDL program for the 2019 season. CYS staff will be able to help parents that have any questions in regard to offers or the program in general


Trials will take place during the month of September. A cost of $25 will be administered to all those trying out which will offset the cost of renting fields, obtaining referees for game evaluation and paying for Staff Coaches who will be evaluation the trials.

Costs for 2019

The base player fee for 2019 will again be set at $3,600. However, please note the following changes to payment schedules and options available to parents for 2019:

$3,600  Payable in one lump sum upon signing 2019 agreement (November 2018)

$3,700  Payable in 4 installments of $925 (November 1 /February 1/June 1/September 1)

$3,750  Payable in 6 installments of $625 (November 1/January 1/March 1/May 1/July 1/September 1)

$3,900  Payable in 12 installments of $325 (First day of each Month from Nov. 1 2018 – October 1, 2019 (October 1 payment will be charged on September 30th to keep within CYS’ fiscal year)

*Financial assistance is available through Ontario Soccer. Applications for assistance will be detailed toward the end of the calendar year (2018)

All parents must sign a credit card authorization form and provide card details which allows CYS to charge their cards on the payment due date.

Program Structure for 2019

  • League Games will be played on Saturdays between March and October
  • Training will take place weekly for November and December 2018. It will then increase to two training sessions, one fitness session and one skill development session per week for the remainder of the Spring phase (January – April)
  • Teams will participate in numerous exhibition games during the months of March and April as a lead up to the start of the season
  • CYS will continue its partnership with Brazilian Futbol School to provide skills development training on a weekly basis from January through April.
  • CYS will continue its partnership with NLPT for fitness once per week throughout the course of the program, including 3 fitness testing sessions
  • CYS will continue its partnership with Grand River Sports Medicine to provide informative Nutrition seminars during the season
  • Game footage analysis through a software package that will be purchased by CYS and debuted during November 2018 (NEW)
  • Players will be assessed and results /feedback given to parents twice during the season by the Technical Director/High Performance Manager/Head Coach

Coaching Staff/OPDL Staff for 2019

CYS hopes to have all coaching staff named and in place for the 2019 season by September 1st of 2018.

CYS will also be adding a Performance Manager to the OPDL staff. This person will be responsible for overseeing the OPDL program including all player/coach management, booking of friendly matches, setting training schedules and liaising with CYS Admin/Technical staff. CYS hopes to have a Performance Manager in place by October 1st.

CYS will also employ OPDL Goalkeeper coaches as well as Student Strength and Conditioning Coaches from the University of Waterloo during the regular season portion of the schedule (May – October)

What’s included in my fees?:

CYS has attempted to have player fees be all inclusive to the needs of the program. The following items will be received for all 2019 OPDL players:

  • Training Kit – 2 t-shirts, 2 pairs shorts, 2 pairs socks
  • Game Uniform – Home and Away Kit (shorts/shorts/socks)
  • Tracksuit, Backpack, Polo shirt
  • All fees for field rentals, referee fees

Parent Meetings

CYS will host a parent meeting for all OPDL parents during the month of November to outline the program in detail along with the expectations from the club and Ontario Soccer for athletes playing in the highest level of youth soccer in the province.