Press Release: Complex Coming to Cambridge

Twelve Field Soccer Complex Coming to Cambridge

On Tuesday, June 12th, Cambridge City Council unanimously approved a motion to purchase 54 acres on land on Fountain St S at Linden Drive to build a 12 field soccer complex.

Cambridge Youth Soccer will be contributing $600,000 to the $6.6 million dollar project.

CYS has been working with the City of Cambridge for the past six years identifying the need a soccer-specific park and then finding suitable land for the fields.

“As our organization grows in both the grassroots and high performance areas, the need for a municipally owned, soccer specific field has never been greater,” said Derek Bridgman, CYS General Manager. “A combination of synthetic and premium grass fields in one location will benefit the Cambridge soccer community for years to come.”

The project is still subject to an Environmental Impact Survey.  If all goes according to plan, shovels will be in the ground in early 2020 and the fields will be ready for play the following year.

Cambridge Mayor Doug Craig called the approval of the project “a joyous occasion.”

He noted that he met with CYS six years ago to initially discuss the project and it took time to broker the right price for the land.

“When you have an organization that comes in and puts money on the table to support their beliefs and what’s important, it really makes a statement,” Craig said, noting that the project falls in with his state of the city address aimed at keeping kids off the street and away from potential exposure to negative influences.

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