CYS Active Start provides participants the opportunity to develop their physical literacy skills such as running, jumping and changing direction during one session per week. Sessions are overseen by a CYS Staff member/convenor  Participants work with a volunteer game leader taaking part in fun games and activities designed to improve their physical literacy skills in a 3v3 game environment.

Tim Horton’s Active Start Program Overview:

Under 4 and Under 5 Co-Ed

At this introductory level, the objective is to get children moving and to keep them active. The objective is for adults and children to play together informally. The children being active, together, with a well-known family member will give them a sense of security and safety and, as such, enhance their first group soccer experience. The physical literacy curriculum provides for learning fundamental movement skills such as running- jumping twisting- throwing- catching. The technical requirements are not about teaching the techniques of soccer — they are to encourage children to enjoy becoming friends with the ball in a social environment. Children will experience the following through fun and imaginative games: running with the ball, stopping and changing direction with the ball, dribbling, and shooting.

Volunteer Game Leaders – CYS will recruit parent volunteers to act as game leaders, 1 per team. Game Leaders will be requested and encouraged to attend CYS workshops prior to the start of the summer season and receive guidance and weekly updates on fun activities, small sided games and session format reminders. Game Leaders are expected to be punctual and organized. Parents are expected to participate fully each week on the field with their child in support of the Game Leader.

The Game Leader’s role is to:

  1. Enable children to have a fun and rewarding experience while competing in small sided games.
  2. Ensure player safety.
  3. Implement simplified rules while keeping the game moving — limiting stoppages and assisting the young players with all restarts.

Program Duration: 45 minutes


  • Warm Up- 5 minutes (1 ball/player/parent) – PARENT PARTICIPATION REQUIRED
  • Small Sided Game – 10 minutes within the team – GAME LEADER & PARENTS
  • Fun Activities/Skills – 15 minutes (1 ball/child/parent) – PARENT PARTICIPATION REQUIRED
  • Small Sided Game vs. Opponent – 10 minutes – children divided into two teams (3 vs. 3 or 4 vs. 4 with odd numbers 3 vs. 2 or 3 vs. 4) – GAME LEADER & PARENTS
  • Cool Down = 5 minutes – Fun game to finish – PARENT PARTICIPATION REQUIRED


Each player will receive a uniform (Jersey, shorts & socks). All other equipment (nets, cones, etc.) is kept at the field location to which Game Leaders have access. Parents should ensure their child has plenty of water available.

OUTDOOR FIELD LOCATIONS: Churchill Park, Can-Amera Park, Hespeler Optimist Park & Riverside Park

INDOOR FIELD LOCATION: ComDev Indoor Soccer Park

All parents must provide transportation to games and practices for their own children. Cambridge Youth Soccer Inc. and its coaches are not responsible for your child’s transportation. Parents are expected to attend games and practices with their child.

For players registered by March 31st, an effort will be made to place your child on a team based on your area of the city (ie: N1S Postal code) but Cambridge Youth Soccer Inc reserves the right to place a player in any area of the city.

Co-ed Indoor Active Start

Where: ComDev Indoor Soccer Park

Cost: $135

When: Fall session play begins week of November 10th (11 sessions)

Winter sessions begin January- March 2021.

U4 (born 2016) – Saturday 10:00am
U5 (born 2015) – Saturday 11:00am

What to Wear:
*Players receive a numbered shirt.*
Uniform (shirt, shorts and socks)
Shin pads (underneath socks)
Outdoor cleats (preferred) or turf shoes
Bring lots of water

Co-ed U4/U5 Outdoor Active Start
Born 2015/2016

Where: Hespeler, Can-Amera, Riverside or Churchill

Cost: $135 (10 sessions)

Price will increase by $25 as of April 1st.

When: play begins week of May 23
U4 (born 2016) – Saturday 9:00AM
U5 (born 2015) – Saturday 10:30AM

NEW U4/U5 combined weekday Active Start porgram – Tuesday 6:15pm at Churchill Park

What to Wear:
*Players receive a number shirt, shorts, socks and a soccer ball.*
Uniform (shirt, shorts and socks)
Shin pads (underneath socks)
Outdoor cleats
Bring lots of water



Cambridge Youth Soccer


Revised and amended April 15th 2018


  • 30 Yards x 20 Yards Grid
  • Pugg Nets
  • Cones to mark corners and half way line (6)


  • Ball size is # 3

Number of Players

  • Maximum number of players on the field per team is 4
  • There are NO GK’s in Active Start Soccer


  • There are NO substitutions – all players play


  • Soccer shoes or Running shoes
  • All players must wear shin guards. Shin guards must be covered entirely by socks or pants

Game Leaders

  • Game Leaders “lead/guide” the games

Start of Play and Kick Off’s

  • Center of Field – Player kicks ball in any direction to a team-mate “Ball is live”
  • Opposition players must be 3 yards from the ball at kick off and in their own half of the field

Duration of Games

  • 2 x 5 minutes
  • 1 x 10 minute straight game maximum


Ball Out of Bounds Sideline – Pass In/Kick in or Dribble in

  • Awarded to the opposing team – at the point where the ball crossed the sideline
  • Player has 3 seconds to pass the ball
  • If the Player cannot pass the player can then dribble the ball in

Game Leaders are asked to encourage the player to make a decision

  • Opposition players must be 3 yards from the ball

Goal Kick

Ball Out of Bounds End line

  • Awarded to the opposing team
  • Player has 3 seconds to pass the ball
  • If the Player cannot pass the player can then dribble the ball in

Game Leaders are asked to encourage the player to make a decision.

Retreat Line

Ball out of Bounds End line – Goal kick to be played

  • The opposition players are to retreat to the half way line until the ball is kicked (passed or dribbled)

Corner kicks

Ball out of Bounds End line – Restart with a Goal Kick

  • There are NO corner kicks awarded in Active Start Soccer (restart with a goal kick)

Free Kicks

All infringements must be regarded as non-intentional

  • There are NO free kicks or penalty kicks in Active Start Soccer
  • Simply remind the player that there is not to be any pushing – pulling – tripping – picking up the ball with their hands and continue with the game

There are NO Offsides in Active Start Soccer

Special Notes

No jewelry (earrings, rings, necklaces or bracelets of any kind are permitted on the field If a Game Leader observes a player wearing any jewelry items the player will be asked to leave the field and a parent remove the jewelry before being allowed to return to participate. Medical bracelets are allowed. Religious items must be declared to CYS at registration or to CYS staff upon arrival to the field of play for review prior to the session for acceptance or rejection. CYS staff decision is final.

A player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to himself/herself or another player. No hard casts (as per CYS Cast Policy). CYS asks that the parent/guardian of a player wearing a cast send a picture of the cast to the club so a determination can be made on whether it is acceptable.