Yes. However if rain is accompanied by lightning, then play will be stopped for the safety of the children. The decision on the severity of the weather is the referee’s. If the game has not been started or is less than 1/2 done the score when called is 0-0. If the game is 1/2 complete, the score at that time stands.
Rain out games will not be rescheduled.

In divisions without referees the coaches shall mutually agree to cancel the game in the case of poor weather. If lightning is seen in the vicinity of the field, play must stop immediately and cannot continue for at least twenty minutes.

Standings are calculated for U14 and U18 leagues only and are based on the following: Win 3 Points — Loss 0 Points — Tie 1 Point — Rain-Out 1 Point (0-0 tie)

The following game information is maintained for each league: Micro (U4 – U6) and Mini (U7, U8, U9, U10)- Schedules
House League (U11 and U12)- Schedules
House League (U14 and U18) – Schedules, Scores and Standings

In all cases, player information is never recorded on the website.

Yes. House league and mini players are to play 1/2 of each game.

CYS strives to provide referees for all matches from U8-U18 House League. In the event that a referee does not show up for a game, a parent who is familiar with the rules may volunteer to officiate the game.

The game schedule is set by the club staff, and is dependent on the particular age group, the number of teams, and the available fields. Practices are set by the coach at their convenience.

Unfortunately, we do not have a soccer-specific field in Cambridge. Our organization shares many of the fields with other local sports organizations. The City of Cambridge maintains the playing fields. Any complaints regarding the fields may be brought to the attention of the CYS Clubhouse via email at clubhouse@cambridgesoccer.ca. We will work with the City’s Park Managers to rectify the situation whenever possible.

The CYS office orders uniforms based on a best guess at the sizes for the age groups. We realize that there will be some discrepancies in the sizing. The shirts are numbered from the smallest sizes to the largest. i.e. #2 is the smallest shirt and #19 is the largest. The coaches are encouraged to distribute the shirts based on sizes and NOT on what number the player desires. It is extremely difficult for CYS to order replacement shirts due to sponsorship arrangements and stock availability with the supplier. Parents are encouraged to speak to the coach and see if a shirt swap can be made with another player on the team.

Socks and shorts can be easily switched for a larger or smaller size if the parent returns the unworn originals to the clubhouse at 745 Fountain St N.

The practice night is chosen at the discretion of the coach. If a player is unable to make it to the practice they cannot be punished in any way by being forced to sit on the bench for extended periods during the game. All coaches must abide by CYS rules that state ‘all players must play at least half the game’. CYS will also provide extra training sessions, up to six throughout the season, which House League players can attend (age u6-u12). A small fee will be charged to cover the cost of the fields and the CYS Staff Coach. Please see your player package for more information on these sessions.

Cambridge Youth Soccer strives to provide the best soccer experience for all children participating in our programs. Unfortunately, CYS needs to find nearly 400 coaches per season in order to continue operating our programs based on current demand. The administrative staff try very hard to recruit new coaches and parent volunteers every season, but as registration numbers continue to grow, so does the need for coaches.

Cambridge Youth Soccer takes all complaints regarding our leagues, coaches and administration very seriously. You may address complaints to the appropriate director of your child’s division. The contact information can be found on our website at http://www.cambridgesoccer.ca. Alternatively, you may contact the clubhouse via email at clubhouse@cambridgesoccer.ca

Structuring the teams is a very difficult process for CYS administrative staff. While we generally try and keep most teams limited to players living in a certain geographic area of the city it cannot always be arranged this way due to a number of factors. These factors include: where the coach of the team lives, late registrations, balancing of teams by birth year in split age groups divisions, and balancing in general based on team strength from the previous season.

If you believe the ball is defective please return it to the CYS office, and, if deemed to be defective by CYS staff a new ball will be issued free of charge. If your child has lost their ball a new one can be purchased at the CYS office at 745 Fountain St. N for a fee of $10.

The City of Cambridge has upgraded Can-Amera Mini-Fields and we want to make sure that all of our players get a chance to use this field. Additionally, in many of our mini divisions there were only four teams, meaning some teams played others five times during the season. By switching to one large division teams will never play another team more than twice.

All CYS players receive a combination individual and team photo as part of the registration fee. Additional items can be purchased using the photo order form attached to the player information package. Please make sure your order form is filled out prior to photo day and is accompanied by your payment. Photo day schedules are available inside the player information packages.

This season all players in the U8-U18 program will have two weeks of practice time built into their schedules. These practices will be during the first week of the season and also the first week back after the holiday break. The rest of the weeks consist of a 50 minute game. Those children involved in the U4/U5/U6 program will incorporate a practice into their weekly session, similar to the CYS outdoor soccer program.

No, team and individual photos are only provided for the outdoor soccer season.

The manufacturer of the turf recommends that players were the same footwear they would on an outdoor field. Running shoes will suffice for younger children, but may be slippery.

Shin pads are mandatory for any division which has a referee (U9 – U18). In all divisions U7 and younger, shin pads are not mandatory, but are highly recommended due to the potential for injury during play.

Cambridge United rep players may not participate in this program. These players will have their own program to participate in which runs concurrently with the CYS Indoor House League program.

**Any players that register for CYS Indoor House League and are chosen for a Cambridge United Representative team will have their House League fees credited to their rep account as Cambridge United Rep players may not participate in Indoor House League.


No refunds after October 15th. Prior to that date subject to a 10% admin fee.
Refunds after October 15th for medical reasons only (and must be accompanied by a doctor’s note).
October 15th to November 30th – 25% admin fee
December 1st to January 31st – 75% Admin Fee
No refunds for any reason after January 31st

All refunds must be accompanied with the pink copy of the registration form.


Prior to March 31st – 10% Administrative Fee

Refunds after March 31st only for medical reasons (Doctor’s note required)

Between April 1stand May 31st – 25% Administrative Fee (Doctor’s Note Required)

 Between June 1st– July 15th – 75% Administrative Fee (Doctor’s Note Required)

No refunds for any reason after July 15th

 *All refund requests must be accompanied by the pink copy of the registration form(or printed copy of online registration form)

All Other CYS Programs – subject to a 10% administrative fee if refund requested prior to program start.