FUNdamentals – Basic
CYS Fundamentals – Basic provides participants the opportunity to take part in one scheduled session per week that consists of fun warm up activities and a 5v5 game setting with a Volunteer game leader. The role of the Game Leader is to enable children to have a fun and rewarding experience while competing in small sided games, ensure player safety and implement simplified rules while keeping the game moving (limiting stoppages and assisting the young players with restarts).

FUNdamentals – Extra
CYS Fundamentals – Extra provides participants the opportunity to take part in one scheduled session per week that consists of fun warm up activities and a 5v5 game setting with a Volunteer game leader. In Addition participants will take part in one scheduled session per week where they are encouraged to develop within a small-sided game environment (5v5). The focus at this stage is on continued development of physical literacy skills and basic soccer skills learning through fun actives and games. These sessions are lead by CYS technical staff

U8 Fundamentals Program Details:

  • 12x game days
  • Volunteer Certified Game Leaders (appointed by CYS) officiate game days
  • Volunteer Coaches are appointed by CYS
  • Maximum roster size = 10 participants
  • Game Duration = 40 minutes (4x 10-minute quarters)
  • Field size = 20m x 30m
  • Goal size = 5ft x 8ft
  • Game format = 5 v 5 (including Goal Keepers)
  • Participants are placed to Gender specific rosters upon registration
  • No scores, standings or statistics are kept (play for FUN!!!!)
  • CYS U7 Finals day will be held at Churchill park August 17th , 2019

2019 U8 Outdoor Fundamentals
Born 2012

Where:Churchill Park


*Prices will increase by $25 as of April 1st.

When: play begins week of May 25
U8 Boys (2012): Wednesday 6:00PM OR 7:15PM
U8 Girls (2012): Tuesday 7:15PM

What to Wear:
*Players receive a number shirt, shorts, socks and a soccer ball.*
Uniform (shirt, shorts and socks)
Shin pads (underneath socks)
Outdoor cleats
Bring lots of water

All parents must provide transportation to games and practices for their own children. Cambridge Youth Soccer Inc. and its coaches are not responsible for your child’s transportation. Parents are expected to attend games and practices with their child.

For players registered by March 31st, an effort will be made to place your child on a team based on your area of the city (ie: N1S Postal code) but Cambridge Youth Soccer Inc reserves the right to place a player in any area of the city. Please note that all U7 teams will play a rotating schedule with games at the following locations: Churchill, CanAmera and Riverside Park.

For more information please contact:
CYS Clubhouse +1 (519) 653-8800 or clubhouse@cambridgesoccer.ca

Register for the indoor season online starting January 1 or at the clubhouse starting on January 2. Registration will continue until divisions have filled.



Cambridge Youth Soccer “Fundamentals” Soccer


Rules & Regulations

Revised & Approved: April 8th2019

  1. The Field

1a) “Fundamentals” Soccer U8 games are played at Churchill Park only on fields designated and assigned by Cambridge Youth Soccer Club. Field size is 25m x 30m and Goal size is 5ft x 8ft

  1. Equipment

2a) U8 Soccer program uses Size 3 balls at all times.

2b) Water bottles ONLY are allowed in the designated Player/Team Officials gridded   area

2c) All players must wear soccer cleats.

2d) All players are required to wear shin pads under their socks.

2e) A player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to himself/herself or another player.

No hard casts (as per CYS Cast Policy). CYS asks that the parent/guardian of a player wearing a cast send a picture of the cast to the club so a determination can be made on whether it is acceptable.

2f) No jewelry (earrings, rings, necklaces or bracelets of any kind are permitted on the field.

NOTES: Medical bracelets are allowed. Religious items must be declared to the club for review prior to the season for acceptance or rejection.

  1. Number of Players

3a) Each team roster has a maximum of ten (10) registered players.

3b) U8 soccer game is played with five (5) players per team on the field 4x outfield players and 1x goalkeeper

  1. Game Leaders (Referees)

4a) CYS Club Head Referee shall assign Game Leaders to “Fundamentals” U8games.  In the event that a Game Leader is not available, or has not been assigned, then Rule # 4b is in effect.

4b) In the event of a Game Leader ‘no-show’, the “Away Team” coach and the home team coach shall act as the Game Leader for 2x quarters of the game each. If both coaches are in agreement, a ‘third party’ (such as, but not limited to, a parent or a coach) may Game Lead the entire game.

4c) Game Leaders are there to guide the participants through the game. Game Leaders are encouraged to allow young players to learn the game. This may involve allowing players the opportunity for minor infractions if incorrect technique is used/ simply mishit (kick-offs, kick-ins, goal kicks etc) to award a “Re-Do”. The Game Leader will ensure the same player attempts a second time, with verbal guidance and help

This is encouraged by CYS technical staff, to help both young officials and young players better learn the game.

  1. Team Officials

5a) A maximum of two (2) team officials are permitted within the designated player/ team officials gridded area

5b) Team officials must always be located within the designated player/team officials gridded area during the game with the following exceptions:

  • To facilitate substitutions as players enter/leave the field of play
  • to assess and/or assist an injured player

5c) Team officials are responsible to check for the following prior to each game

  • All players are wearing soccer cleats & shin guards
  • Are players wearing jewelry? If yes it has to be removed before participation is allowed.
  • Players with long hair must have it tied back
  • No hard Casts are being worn. If yes please reference Rule 2c

5d) During the game Team officials should always ensure they are standing behind and supervising players who are seated in the gridded area while waiting for their turn to play

5e) Team officials should

  • Encourage Fun!!!!
  • Be a role model
  • Promote good sportsmanship
  • Let the players play pressure free no shouting or screaming (commentary coaching!!!!)
  • Give information in a calm and friendly manner during breaks in play
  • Help keep players focused on the game being played
  1. Duration of the Game & Playing Time

6a) U8 soccer games shall be played with 4x 10 minute quarters.

6b) All games will have a 2 minute breaks in between quarters.

6c) Each player must receive equal playing time (50% of each game).

6d) No player(s) shall be left on for the entire game (except when a team has no substitutes).

6e) Cancellation of Games:

Games may be cancelled by the City of Cambridge if fields are determined to be unplayable.  This decision is made on a daily basis by 3:30pm.  Should any fields be cancelled the office shall contact all affected parties, including coaches, parents and referees.    You may also reference CYS website/Facebook/Twitter feed to see the status of play, otherwise, you should report to the field as scheduled.

Games that are rained out will not be rescheduled.

  1. Start of Play

7a) At the beginning of a game, choice of halves and the kick-off shall be decided by team officials.

7b) At a kick-off, all players shall be in their own half of the field of play. All players opposing the team taking the kick-off shall be not less than 6 yards (5.5m) from the ball until it is kicked-off.

7c) The game shall be started by assigned Game Leader

7d) Should the player taking the kick-off play or touch the ball a second time before it has been played or touched by another player, the ball will be awarded to the opposing team.

7e) After a goal has been scored; the game shall be restarted by a kick-off, to be taken by a player of the team against which the goal was scored.

7h) After the first two (2) quarters of play, the teams shall change sides

7i) For any stoppage not mentioned elsewhere in these rules, the Game Leader shall restart the game by dropping the ball at the place where it was when play was stopped, unless play was stopped in the penalty area.  In this case, the ball shall be dropped on the penalty-area line at the point nearest to where the ball was when play was stopped.  The ball shall be in play as soon as it touches the ground.

Special Note: Restarts

Below is a list of restarts allowed and how the Game Leader on the field will restart the game

  1. All Free Kicks – Indirect Kick
  2. Pass-Ins/dribble-ins– Indirect Kick
  3. Goal Kicks – Indirect Kick
  4. Kick Offs – Indirect Kick

****There are no penalty kicks or corner kicks at U8****

  1. Ball In and Out of Play

8a) The ball is outof play:

  • When the whole of the ball has crossed the goal-line, whether on the ground or in the air.
  • When the play has been stopped by the Game Leader.

8b) The ball is inplay:

  • At all other times including when it rebounds into play from a goal post, a cross-bar or after hitting the Game Leader.
  1. Method of Scoring

9a) A goal is scored when the whole of the ball has crossed over the goal line, between the goal-posts and under the cross-bar, provided it has not been thrown, carried or intentionally propelled by hand or arm, by a player of the attacking team.

9b) The Game Leader shall be the sole judge as to whether a goal has been scored.

9c) During the course of play, should any outside agent prevent the ball from passing into the goal or assist the ball into the goal, play shall be stopped.  The Game Leader shall restart the game by dropping the ball.

9d)  Standings are not kept for “Fundamentals” Games U8 soccer program as CYS follows the Ontario Soccer Long-Term Player Development Model.

  1. Substitutions

10a) Unlimited substitutions are permitted at the following times with the approval of the Game Leader:

Team officials are expected to have subs come on and off at the centre line in a controlled fashion.

  • On any pass-in/dribble in by either team
  • After a goal is scored by either team
  • At a goal kick by either team
  • At the start of a quarter
  • To replace an injured player

Note: Substitutions may not occur on free kicks

  1. Pass-Ins / dribble-ins

11a) Pass-In/dribble-inwill be used for U8

11b) A Pass-In/dribble-in is a method of restarting the play when the whole of the ball has passed over the boundary line either on the ground or in the air.

11c) A Pass-In/dribble-in is taken at the point where the ball crossed the touch-line.

11d) A goal cannot be scored directly from a Pass In they must first dribble onto the field with the ball

11e) Team officials should encourage the player to pass-in and after 3 seconds have elapsed to dribble-in

  1. Free-Kick

12a) For any infringement of the Soccer rules when the ball is in play, the Game Leader may award a free kick to the non-offending team.  The free kick shall be taken from the place where the infringement occurred,
12b) At the taking of a free-kick, the ball shall be stationary and all opponents shall be not less than 6 yards (5.5m) from the ball until it has been kicked. The ball is live and in play when it is kicked and moved.

12c) A free kick within the penalty area. All opposition players shall be located outside the penalty area or a minimum of 6 yards (5.5m). The ball is live and in play when it is kicked and moved.

12d) A player taking a free-kick shall not play or touch the ball a second time until it has been played or touched by another player.  For any infringement of this rule, a free kick shall be awarded to the opposing team.

  1. Goal Kicks

13a) A goal kick is a method of restarting the play when the ball, having last touched a player of the attacking team, passes across the end line, but not into the goal.

13b) Retreat Line (Halfway line)

The opponents must drop off to the Retreat line (half way line) to help the goalkeeper and players learn to play out from the back.

The ball is in play as soon as it leaves the goal area and is touched by a teammate.  The opposition players cannot cross the Retreat Line (half way line) until a player touches the ball.  To assist players in this the Game Leader will inform players to ‘retreat’. Further, they will inform players when they can cross the Retreat Line line (half way line) by using the word ‘engage’

13c) If the player taking the goal kick plays or touches the ball a second time before it has been played or touched by another player, the player will be awarded a ‘Re-Do’.

13d) A goal may be scored directly from a goal kick but only against the opposing team.

13e) Any player can take a goal kick from the defending team. This restart MUST be a kick from the penalty area with the ball being stationary on the ground. (A drop kick, punt or throws will not be allowed as a restart for a goal kick)

  1. Offside

14a) There are No Offside in the “Fundamentals” U8 Soccer program

  1. Water Breaks

15a) When the weather is extremely hot.  The team officials and Game Leader may determine beforethe games starts to have a 1 to 2 minute water break. All parties will know about the water break before the game starts. This is for the sole purpose of giving onlythose players on the field some water.  It is not to be used for coaching or other purposes.

  1. Limited Number of Players

16a) Please note: players may not be available for all games during the summer.

To facilitate a “fun experience”for all attending participants CYS recommends both groups (teams) are mixed to allow a game to be played

E.g. 4 players from the Red team + 5 players from the White team = 6 players (5 vs. 5 game)

  1. Finals Game Day

17a) Final Days will have all U8 teams play one full game and receive a participation award at the conclusion of the game.

17b) Final Days games dates will be published at the beginning of the season. Game times will be determined by CYS approximately two weeks prior to the end of the season.

  1. Heading the Ball

At U8 – Heading the ball is not permitted

If a player unintentionally or deliberately heads the ball the on-field officials will stop the Game.  The game will be restarted with a drop-ball from the place where the ball was kicked.

The intention of this rule is to promote the ball being kept on the ground!